Snowdrop (설강화) is a South Korean political drama that aired on Saturdays and Sundays at 10:30 pm KST on JTBC from December 18, 2021-January 30, 2022 for a total of 16 episodes. It's also available on streaming platforms Disney+ and Hotstar for international viewers.


Snowdrop is set in 1987 during South Korea’s Democracy Movement, which was a mass protest that lead to the end of authoritarian rule, and the establishment of South Korea’s present-day democratic government.

The show follows Im Soo-ho, a graduate student, who after participating in a pro-democracy protest, is discovered covered in blood by Eun Young-ro at a women’s university. She hides him from the government and a romance unfolds between them, but it’s soon revealed Soo-ho is not who he appears to be.[1]




People around Soo-ho[]

  • Kim Min-kyu as Joo Gyeok-chan
  • Jang In-sub as Lee Eung-cheol
  • Heo Nam-joon as Oh Gwang-tae
  • Jeon Moo-song as Lim Ji-rok
  • Jeon Ae-ri as Choi Soo-ryeon
  • Chae Won-bin as Lim Soo-hui

People around Yeong-ro[]

People related to the ANSP[]


  • Jung Yi-seo as Shin Gyeong-ja
  • Park Ye-ni as Kim Ye-ni
  • Kwon Han-sol as Han-na
  • Ariane Desgagnés-Leclerc as Gong Gil-soon
  • Lee Jung-hyun as Park Geum-cheol
  • Lee Joo-ahn as Jun-pyo
  • Kang Moon-kyung as Park Moo-yeol

Special appearances[]

Episode Recaps[]

Episode 1[]

Dorm room 207 is home to the first years Eun Yeong-ro and Yoon Seol-hui, as well as senior students Ko Hye-ryeong and Yeo Jeong-min. The dorm`s phone desk is operated by Kye Bun-ok, who is around the same age as the senior students. Chang-su outlines a plan to abduct Professor Han I-seop, the brains behind the opposition party, and make it seem like the opposition party operates with the support of North Korea. That night, a few graduate students, including Im Soo-ho and Oh Gwang-tae, have a rooftop barbeque.

With only 15 minutes left until roll call at the Hosu dorm, Yeong-ro runs back with a wave of equally frantic students. As the container of rice balls roll away, Hye-ryeong tells her to leave it and keeps running. Yeong-ro doesn`t listen and the caretaker, Kim Man-dong, is forced to shut the dorm`s door and hand over the key to the matron before Yeong-ro makes it back. As she inches her way to 207`s window, Bun-ok helps to distract the matron from catching sight of her.

In 207, Jeong-min berates Hye-ryeong for abandoning Yeong-ro since she won`t be able to afford a room if she gets kicked out. According to Jeong-min, Yeong-ro`s family owns a humble rice cake shop and she relies on scholarships and assisting Bun-ok with the phones to stay at the dorm. Seol-hui spots Yeong-ro at the window at the same time Bun-ok does. With the matron closing in, Bun-ok cries “rat!” sending the dorm residents into a frenzy.

At the dorm, Yeong-ro vents about the lack of correspondence from her brother while helping Bun-ok with the phones. Yeong-ro picks up a call from Gwang-tae who introduces himself and arranges a group date with the girls of 207, though it`s mostly an excuse for him to meet Hye-ryeong. Gwang-tae, being one boy short of the four needed to pair up with the four girls of 207, begs Soo-ho to join the date. Soo-ho only agrees when Gwang-tae threatens not to introduce him to Professor Han.

Meanwhile, Yeong-ro laments that Jeong-min is unlikely to go and Bun-ok eagerly takes her place. When the girls from 207 arrive Gwang-tae jolts out of his seat to greet them, bumping the table and sending the matchstick tower Soo-ho was building crashing. Bun-ok joins the 207 girls and throws herself into the seat opposite Soo-ho before anyone else can, introducing herself as a Hosu student named Gye-seong. The girls close their eyes while each of the boys place a token on the table.

Hye-ryeong is the first to pick from the tokens and chooses an exam certificate, thinking it belongs to Soo-ho until Gwang-tae reveals that it`s his. Bun-ok, who overheard Soo-ho and Gwang-tae discussing their tokens earlier, swipes the plane before Yeong-ro has a chance to pick it up.

Episode 2[]

This time, during the chase, we see the ANSP agents open fire on Soo-ho. After Yeong-ro finds Soo-ho in 207, she starts wiping his blood off the floor and window. Yeong-ro assumes that Soo-ho is being chased for protesting and wants them to help her hide him. Hye-ryeong, having heard Gang-mu say that Soo-ho is a North Korean spy, is less inclined.

She gives in after Jeong-min asserts that student protestors are framed as spies so that they can be arrested and Yeong-ro reminds her that Soo-ho was one of the boys on their group date. Enraged, Ha-na almost strikes the matron with her gun but Gang-mu stops her and sends her to retrieve a search warrant from the Prosecutor`s Office. Gang-mu finds a trail of blood leading to 207 right as Ha-na arrives with the search warrant. The matron follows behind the agents as they burst into 207, finding Hye-ryeong alone.

The matron notices a blood stain that the girls missed near their door but says nothing to alert the agents. When Gang-mu presses for the missing girls` location, Hye-ryeong points to the dorm bathhouse. The lie is weak, but the matron backs it with the explanation that there are no speakers in the bathhouse for the girls to have heard the lockdown instructions from. The rest of the 207 girls hide Soo-ho inside a bench in the bathhouse sauna.

When they hear Gang-mu drawing near, they undress and cover Soo-ho with their clothes before closing the bench and sitting on it. With the all-clear from Ha-na, Gang-mu pulls his agents out of the Hosu dorm. Meanwhile, the rest of their team hauls Soo-ho`s driver, Geum-cheol, into their headquarters. One of the agents on Gang-mu`s team makes a secret call to Chang-su.

When Chang-su reprimands the agent for being unable to stop Gang-mu, the agent points back to his orders to act discreetly. The agent also informs Chang-su that Professor Han is sticking to his flat tire story. The next day at the ANSP headquarters, Gyeong-hui tells Gang-mu to step down from the Taedong River 1 case. Gang-mu tries to argue but it`s a direct order from Chang-su.

Gang-mu can`t figure out why the North Korean`s abducted Professor Han after taking such careful measures to get close to him. The 207 girls, minus Hye-ryeong, hatch a plan to stow Soo-ho on the fourth floor in the abandoned, and apparently haunted, cabin where the last matron committed suicide. While helping Yeong-ro and Jeong-min sneak Soo-ho to the cabin, Man-dong warns them to watch out for Bun-ok, who was enthusiastically asking about the reward money for turning spies in. The ANSP agents stationed outside the campus have clear view of the cabin, which means no lights.

Episode 3[]

Bun-ok sneaks into the cabin and signals Gyeong-ja, pointing to an open window. Soo-ho struggles to pull Yeong-ro back up as the matron leaves with the others. The matron forces Man-dong to lock the cabin behind them and hand over his key. Back in the safety of the cabin, Soo-ho tries to calm Yeong-ro`s nerves with a blanket over her shoulders and a drink in her hands.

The matron hangs the cabin key in a cupboard in her room. After rebandaging Soo-ho`s shoulder, Yeong-ro discovers that the cabin is locked. Fortunately, Man-dong and Jeong-min – who noticed that Yeong-ro wasn`t tucked into her bed – are on their way. To ease Yeong-ro`s panic, Soo-ho makes a paper airplane.

Yeong-ro makes one of her own and the distraction becomes genuine enjoyment until they`re interrupted by Man-dong picking the lock. Soo-ho, his desire to leave renewed by this ordeal, asks Man-dong for help. Man-dong leads them to an emergency exit in the mechanical room that the students are unaware of. For an instant, Man-dong sees her as the ghost of the late matron.

With the ticketing system there to keep the ANSP agents out, Yeong-ro plans to use the day to sneak Soo-ho out. That night, the matron arrives back at the dorm, heavy with some unknown burden, as Hye-ryeong, Seol-hui, and Jeong-min accuse Bun-ok of theft. The matron pulls the trio into her office and asks for proof. Jeong-min saw Bun-ok wearing stolen items when they snuck Soo-ho to the cabin but cannot say as much.

Needing a suit for Soo-ho to blend in at the open day, Yeong-ro makes a call from a public phone booth. Yeong-ro arranges to drop by the following day when the mistress of the house will be out golfing. On the third day of waiting for the North Korean delegates (Ji-rok and Soo-ryeon) to negotiate with them again in Beijing, Chang-su and Tae-il get testy. On the day before the open house, Yeong-ro visits the sizeable estate where Ae-ra and the housekeeper are waiting.

The day of the open house arrives. Soo-ho and Yeong-ro meet outside the cabin, sharing a tender moment in their fancy attire. Outside, Gwang-tae accosts Seol-hui, annoyed that Hye-ryeong didn`t invite him (the 207 girls deemed him a risk). He follows Seol-hui into the dorm, pretending to be her guest at the ticket station.

Seol-hui distracts him before he can catch Yeong-ro and Soo-ho trying to get to the door again and sends him to 207. Yeong-ro and Soo-ho hide in the room where Hye-ryeong`s guest, a soldier named Byeong-tae, is showing off his shooting skills.

Episode 4[]

In the overlooking café, Seol-hui realizes that Gwang-tae called the ANSP and runs down to warn Yeong-ro. Gang-mu takes Gwang-tae back to the ANSP headquarters to interrogate him, distrustful since Gwang-tae`s call came at the same time the agents were searching Mount Ogong (which borders the dorm) for the dead drop used by the North Korean spies. Bun-ok accuses Yeong-ro of flaunting Soo-ho around the dorm to spite her. She finds Man-dong as he`s putting the phone away and asks him to store the backpack in his room.

The following day at the ANSP headquarters, Ha-na comes to Gang-mu`s office with an orchid plant for his desk. She tells Gang-mu that she only joined the ANSP to ask the man who proposed to her and then vanished why he left her. Bun-ok accuses the 207 girls of harbouring Soo-ho and takes the matron to Man-dong`s room to find the backpack. After uncovering it, the matron tells Man-dong that he will soon be relieved of his position.

The matron has Bun-ok collect the backpack and bring it to her office. Once there, the matron stresses the danger the whole dorm will be subjected to if Bun-ok tries to turn the 207 girls in. The matron says that Bun-ok, the younger sister of a communist, would be an easy target for the ANSP to frame as a spy. Yeong-ro takes the fall for the whole group, insisting on her knees that she hid Soo-ho against the other girls` wishes.

At his base, Soo-ho phones Ji-rok to say that his wound has healed and he`s ready for his mission. Ending the call, Ji-rok tells Soo-ryeon that Soo-ho will complete the mission. Ji-rok insists that Soo-ho will lead them and orders Soo-ryeon to stay out of further South–North negotiations. Soo-ho also says that the CIA will soon discover the son`s defection and then it`s only a matter of time before the ANSP does too.

Leaving the church, Professor Han hails a taxi without realizing that its driver is Comrade Joo. Ha-na drives after them but a ruckus on the road caused by the newly arrived North Korean spies halts her chase. Comrade Joo take Professor Han to their headquarters to read a letter penned by his son. According to Soo-ho, the only way for the professor`s son to escape is if the professor goes to the North to get him.

Gathering his forces, Soo-ho orders them to travel ahead with Professor Han to the port where their boat will be waiting at 10pm to take them home. Meanwhile, Gang-mu deciphers one of Soo-ho`s coded messages and learns that he had been hiding at the dorm.

Episode 5[]

Gang-Mu notes that Eung-Cheol intends to shoot Han-Na. He stands in front of her to block the bullet for her. Soo-Ho turns around and points the gun at Eung-Cheol. Soo-Ho joins Eung-Cheol.

Han-Na shoots Eung-Cheol`s follower when she takes care of Gang-Mu`s wound. Eung-Cheol gets angry and strafes the dormitory. Eung-Cheol tries to hurt the police. Gang-Mu tries to tell the police to be careful.

Soo-Ho takes the grenade to walk out when he drags Yeong-Ro. He tells Gang-Mu to let the police leave the dormitory. Soo-Ho tells Han-Na that he will take Gang-Mu`s life if she dares to hurt them. He tells the police to leave.

Gang-Mu gets beaten after he handed over his gun to Soo-Ho. He`s taken away with Yeong-Ro. Gyeok-Chan tells Soo-Ho that other people will take care of I-Seop. Soo-Ho tells his team members that they need the hostages to help them leave the dormitory.

Gyeok-Chan and Eung-Cheol go to gather the hostages. Soo-Ho kidnaps Byeong-Tae standing in front of the gate when he points his gun at him. Han-Na reports to Gyeong-Hui that Soo-Ho kidnapped the hostages. She tells Gyeong-Hui to help Chang-Su instead of Tae-Il.

He gets her point and decides to go to deal with Gang-Mu. Eung-Cheol ties Byeong-Tae and Gwang-Tae up. Eung-Cheol drags Gang-Mu to the cafeteria as well. Gyeok-Chan drags some girls aside and tells them to walk to the window.

Gang-Mu points out that Gyeok-Chan wants to use the girls to protect themselves. Gyeok-Chan beats Gang-Mu with his gun. Gyeok-Chan forces the girls to stand in front of the windows when he points the gun at them. Mi-Hye calls Seong-Sim and tells her that there`re some girls getting kidnapped in the dormitory.

Gyeong-Hui calls Han-Na and tells her to take care of Yeong-Ro. He adds that the girl is Chang-Su`s daughter. Gyeong-Hui visits Chang-Su and tells him that Gang-Mu got caught by the spies in the dormitory. He tells Gyeong-Hui to kill those spies.

But Gyeong-Hui reveals the spies are leaded by Soo-Ho. Eung-Cheol tells Soo-Ho to take the hostage`s life. He gets a call from Chang-Su who tells him that they didn`t intend to hurt them. Soo-Ho thinks Chang-Su should repay for what he did.

But Chang-Su stops Soo-Ho and tells him that he will help him. Soo-Ho tells Eung-Cheol that Chang-Su will help them. But Eung-Cheol doesn`t believe in what Chang-Su said. Gyeong-Hui calls Mi-Hye and tells her that Chang-Su had a deal with the north.

She tells him that she doesn`t care for Yeong-Ro`s life. He learns that he needs to work with Chang-Su. Soo-Ho tells his followers that he received a new order from their leader. Chang-Su gets a call from someone who tells him that the ship I-Seop stayed sank.

Soo-Ho takes his followers to walk out from the emergency exit. Eung-Cheol`s leg is hurt.

Episode 6[]

Soo-Ho stops Gyeok-Chan before he kills Gang-Mu. Gang-Mu is locked up in the room. The follower reports to Chang-Su that I-Seop got killed on the fishing boat. Tae-Il tells Gyeong-Hui to tell the reporters that I-Seop got killed when he tried to flee to North Korean.

Yeong-Ro tells Soo-Ho to release all of the students if he feels guilty. He tells her that he`s going to ask for the doctor who can treat Eung-Cheol. He adds that Chang-Su will ask for releasing hostages. Soo-Ho tells Yeong-Ro that it`s the repaying she took care of him those days.

The students see the bandages on her hand, realizing that Yeong-Ro got taken care of. Soo-Ho gets a call from Chang-Su who explained to Soo-Ho that I-Seop got killed. Chang-Su tells Soo-Ho that he didn`t have the time to inform the north about shooting the spy. Soo-Ho reminds Chang-Su that the hostages will die with them if he breaks his promise.

Gyeok-Chan tells Soo-Ho to die with the hostages because they`re soldiers who come from North Korea. But Soo-Ho wants to be alive to return to North Korea to take the duty. Gyeok-Chan thinks Soo-Ho insulted revolution spirit. Gyeok-Chan tries to take Soo-Ho`s life.

But Soo-Ho shoots Gyeok-Chan in advance and keeps his life. Soo-Ho tells Chang-Su that he will kill the hostage if he doesn`t send the doctor to him within twenty minutes. Tae-Il calls Chung-Ya and tells her to come to see him. But Chung-Ya tells Tae-Il that she cannot do that because she`s a doctor.

Soo-Ho asks Seung-Hee for the list of the students. Seung-Hee tells the students that the girls who come from 207 room will get released. She tells her that she`s going to stay and lets others leave. Bun-Ok offers to cast lots to decide the list of girls who can leave the dormitory.

But Soo-Ho shows the paper to Bun-Ok. She learns that she`s the last one who can leave the dormitory. She asked Soo-Ho for letting Bun-Ok leave. Soo-Ho tears up Bun-Ok`s resume, telling her that he won`t release her.

He tells the people that only he has the right to decide who`s going to get released. He worries about Yeong-Ro after knowing she gave up the chance to leave the dormitory. He tells Soo-Ho that he will send an envoy to get into the dormitory with Chung-Ya. Han-Na gives the gun to Chung-Ya and tells her to put it into the medical supplies.

Han-Na asks Gyeok-Chan where the hostages are. Han-Na asks Soo-Ho about the hostages he`s going to release. He tells the people about the list of the students who can leave the dormitory. Seung-Hee asks Soo-Ho for releasing the girl.

Yeong-Ro tells Soo-Ho to release all of people. She tells him that she will stay at the dormitory.

Episode 7[]

Chang-su and Tae-il, listening in, learn that Soo-ho knows Yeong-ro`s identity and also discover that she hid him in the dorm. She sneaks to the furthest stall as Comrade Joo stands guard outside and unstraps a radio – the thing she had been taping up in her office – from around her thigh. The radio squeals as she turns it on, and she`s forced to return it to its place under her dress when Comrade Joo comes in to investigate. Chung-ya shows her true allegiances when Soo-ho returns to Comrade Lee`s side behind the partition.

Chang-su and Tae-il join him at the vantage point from which Yeong-ro is visible in the window. Soo-ho pays Gang-mu a visit mostly so that Chang-su can hear him warn that the dorm is rigged with C4 explosives from the mechanical room to the third floor. Han-na embraces him, exaggerating the gesture to whisper the plan in his ear and let him know about the gun in Chung-ya`s kit. Soo-ryeon is needling Ji-rok in his office when Chang-su`s call comes through.

Soo-ho has just walked in with Yeong-ro`s radio, satisfied that he`s deafened the ANSP agents. Comrade Joo drags Chung-ya, face covered in blood, before him. Soo-ho tries to talk Comrade Joo down while Gang-mu uses the distraction to pocket Chung-ya`s scalpel. Soo-ho`s attempts fail and Comrade Joo flings Yeong-ro away from the window.

He replaces Yeong-ro with Chung-ya and points his gun at her in clear view of the snipers outside the campus. The snipers report the situation back to base and Tae-il, distraught, has Chief Ahn locate Chung-ya. Joining the snipers, he tries to get them to kill Comrade Joo but Chung-ya is in the way. Han-na turns the radio off as Soo-ho tries to wrestle the gun from Comrade Joo`s grip.

The gun that Chung-ya snuck in falls to the ground in the struggle and gets kicked right to Yeong-ro`s feet. She picks it up and aims it at Comrade Joo, who then pulls Chung-ya to himself like a shield. Soo-ho tries to talk Yeong-ro into dropping the gun and Gang-mu tries to convince the spies not to let things spiral while they have the advantage. Comrade Joo finally lowers his gun and an ANSP sniper takes a shot… completely missing everyone and making things worse.

Soo-ho knocks the gun out of Yeong-ro`s hand and pushes her to the floor, shielding her with his own body. Soo-ho snatches the note back from Yeong-ro, scrunching it in his fist before Comrade Joo.

Episode 8[]

Yeong-U opens his eyes and cries to tell Chang-Su that he promised to Yeong-Ro`s mom to protect Yeong-Ro. Yeong-U tears up and gives the task to Chang-Su. He passes away. Gang-Mu cuts off the rope and leaves the room.

He tries to go downstairs but he gives up the mind after he saw Gyeok-Chan. Gang-Mu sneaks into another room so that Gyeok-Chan doesn`t find him. Seung-Hee takes out the intercom from the flowerpot and leaves the cafeteria when Eung-Cheol falls asleep. Yeong-Ro watches the TV and learns that Soo-Ho is the one who should take duty for her brother`s death.

Gyeok-Chan points his gun at Seung-Hee and tells her to return to the cafeteria. Soo-Ho tells Gyeok-Chan to set a bomb on the cafeteria windows. But Soo-Ho breaks into the room and points his gun at Gang-Mu. Gang-Mu drops the rope and surrenders.

Soo-Ho tells Gang-Mu to turn around and finds the knife from his pocket. He tells Soo-Ho to do same thing like Seong-Jo. Soo-Ho tells Gang-Mu not to do weird thing if he wants to stay with Han-Na. But Gang-Mu pretends not to care for Han-Na.

Soo-Ho points the wound on Gang-Mu`s shoulder, making him remember the pain. Soo-Ho walks into the medical room and finds out that Yeong-Ro falls asleep. Chung-Ya tells him that Yeong-Ro is fine after she gave her the treatment. Chung-Ya takes a look at Soo-Ho and Yeong-Ro`s group photo.

He tells her that he doesn`t like Yeong-Ro at all. Bun-Ok sees Gyeok-Chan setting a bomb on the cafeteria windows. But Seung-Hee doesn`t believe that Gyeok-Chan will be that because they`re surrounded by the police. She thinks everyone will get killed except Yeong-Ro.

Seung-Hee tells Bun-Ok that Yeong-Ro passed out after she heard her brother got killed by the spies. Gang-Mu tells the SWAT to get into the tunnel with him. Gyeok-Chan beats Sang-Beom and forces Man-Dong to tell him how Gang-Mu ran away. Gyeok-Chan walks into the room.

Soo-Ho takes Man-Dong and Sang-Beom to return to the cafeteria. Tae-Il tells Soo-Ho that the SWAT shot Gang-Mu when he tried to take them to get into the tunnel. He yells at him and tells him to watch Gang-Mu. Gang-Mu runs into Gyeok-Chan and takes off his gun.

But Soo-Ho shows up behind Gang-Mu and points his gun at his head. Gang-Mu releases Gyeok-Chan and he gets tied up by him. Soo-Ho tells Gang-Mu that he will hurt Han-Na if he does something wrong. But Soo-Ho tells Gang-Mu that he`s going to accept his fate if it`s his party`s will.

Yeong-Ro joins Gang-Mu and asks him what she should do. Gyeok-Chan walks to Yeong-Ro. She explains that she came to give the bread to Gang-Mu. She asks him for letting her go to restroom.

Soo-Ho stops Gyeok-Chan and tells him to leave Yeong-Ro to him. Gyeok-Chan walks away. Soo-Ho notes the wound on Yeong-Ro`s hand.

Episode 9[]

Soo-Ho takes away the detonator from Yeong-Ro and tells her that he doesn`t want her to suffer. Gang-Mu thinks Seung-Hee helped Soo-Ho because she`s his friend. Soo-Ho brings Yeong-Ro to the cafeteria. He beats him and blames him for telling Yeong-Ro about the detonator.

Gang-Mu yells at Soo-Ho that he just told Yeong-Ro not to offend him because he has the detonator. Soo-Ho doesn`t believe what Gang-Mu said until he sees the evidence. He tells him to let Han-Na bring the evidence. Tae-Il summons Han-Na to his office and blames her for putting the gun into Chung-Ya`s medicine kit.

He tells her to leave the dormitory after she carries the supplies. Gyeong-Hui thinks Soo-Ho asked for Han-Na because he has feelings for her. Han-Na scolds Gyeong-Hui and thinks Soo-Ho hates her because she tried to take the SWAT to get into the dormitory. Tae-Il yells at Han-Na that they need to protect the students so that they couldn`t let the SWAT get into the dormitory.

He tells her to let Chung-Ya know that he will try his best to save her. Gyeong-Hui tells the reporters that they care for the hostages very much. Tae-Il tells Soo-Ho to release all of the hostages, asking him not to hurt Chung-Ya. Chung-Ya hangs up.

She asks Soo-Ho for the detonator, telling him that she will take his life if he betrays their nation. Byeong-Tae thanks Gyeok-Chan for giving the men sweater to him. But Gyeok-Chan tells Byeong-Tae to go to check the bombs. Soo-Ho tells the people to leave.

But Gwang-Tae asks Soo-Ho for more noodles. Soo-Ho reminds Gwang-Tae that he`s a hostage. Gwang-Tae has to walk away. Soo-Ho takes Han-Na to see Gang-Mu.

She worries about Gang-Mu after seeing his wounds. Gang-Mu stops Han-Na and tells her that ANSP intends to take their lives for the election. Yeong-Ro tells Soo-Ho that they need to wash face. Yeong-Ro returns to her room and finds the watch from her bag.

Yeong-Ro finds the secret room and walks into it. Eung-Cheol slaps his leg and tells Soo-Ho that it`s hurt. Soo-Ho goes to look for Yeong-Ro with Gyeok-Chan. He hands over the gun to Byeong-Tae.

Seung-Hee gets the girls to tie Eung-Cheol up, telling them to flee. Gang-Mu walks into the restroom and tells Chung-Ya that she`s going to take her to leave the dormitory. Bun-Ok goes to look for the money bag when other girls are trying to leave the dormitory. Gwang-Tae locks the door of the tunnel so that Gyeok-Chan cannot catch them.

Soo-Ho knocks at the door and tells Yeong-Ro that he cannot help her if she doesn`t trust him. Gang-Mu shows up behind Soo-Ho and fights with him. Yeong-Ro opens the door and sees Soo-Ho beating Gang-Mu. She takes the stuff and tries to hit Soo-Ho.

He sees it. Gang-Mu catches the chance to catch Soo-Ho. He takes away the gun from him and points the gun at him. Seung-Hee tells the girl to remove the heavy objects so that they can leave the dormitory.

He tells the girls to leave the dormitory.

Episode 10[]

Chung-Ya unties Soo-Ho. He picks up the gun from the floor and points it at Gang-Mu. Gang-Mu has to drop his gun. He is furious to grab Bun-Ok`s collar, asking her for going to get the money bag with him.

Soo-Ho takes a look at Yeong-Ro. Gyeok-Chan goes to second floor and catches Sang-Beom. Bun-Ok has to follow Gyeok-Chan. Chung-Ya walks to Yeong-Ro and puts a gun to her head.

Soo-Ho finds Eung-Cheol at the cafeteria and wakes him up. Soo-Ho carries Eung-Cheol to the room and puts him in the bed. Soo-Ho returns to the cafeteria with Gyeok-Chan. But Gyeok-Chan points out that the bag which contains bombs is missing.

Soo-Ho tells Gyeok-Chan to go to look for the bag because he believe that Gyeok-Chan knows who took the bag away. Gyeok-Chan beats Sang-Beom with his gun. Chung-Ya grabs Sang-Beom`s hair and puts the gun to his head. Bun-Ok tells Chung-Ya that she saw Sang-Beom hiding the bag in the restroom.

Soo-Ho joins Chung-Ya and reports to her that Eung-Cheol was hurt. Soo-Ho tells the hostages that they`re going to die with them after they tries to run away. Chang-Su calls Soo-Ho and tells him to take Yeong-Ro to the cafeteria. Chang-Su hangs up and tells the follower to get the sniper to take Soo-Ho`s life once he sees him.

Chung-Ya is against to let Soo-Ho take Yeong-Ro to the cafeteria. Gwang-Tae hugs Gyeok-Chan`s leg and asks for his mercy. But Gyeok-Chan grabs Gwang-Tae`s hair and slaps him. Yeong-Ro stops Gyeok-Chan before he hurts Byeong-Tae.

But he beats Byeong-Tae with his gun. Soo-Ho stops Gyeok-Chan and takes Yeong-Ro away. Chung-Ya tells Gyeok-Chan to shoot Yeong-Ro if the girl leaks her identity. Soo-Ho drags Yeong-Ro and tells her that her father wants to see her.

She cries to tell him to bury Yeong-U well. Soo-Ho runs to take Yeong-Ro away before Gyeok-Chan shoots her. Soo-Ryun tells Ji-Rok that his son is going to kill all of the hostages. Gyeok-Chan takes Bun-Ok to see Chung-Ya.

Chung-Ya tells Bun-Ok that she knows she touched her money. She tells her to watch the hostages for her if she wants to be alive. Bun-Ok cries to reject it because she doesn`t want to get killed like her sister. She realizes that Chung-Ya wants to kill all of the hostages.

Chung-Ya tells the hostages that Bun-Ok is her follower now. But Bun-Ok points a gun at Hye-Ryeong and makes her sit. Chang-Su calls Soo-Ryun and asks her for getting the spy to release his daughter. Gang-Mu walks into the room and points his gun at Chung-Ya.

Soo-Ho joins Gang-Mu and takes away the gun from Chung-Ya.

Episode 11[]

Soo-Ho tells Yeong-Ro to stay in the basement. Bun-Ok gets the snacks from Hye-Ryeong`s room. Eung-Cheol blames Bun-Ok for not giving snacks to Chung-Ya and Soo-Ho. He takes away the snack from Seol-Hui.

Man-Dong is going to pass out because of hypoglycemia when Bun-Ok is enjoying the food. Gwang-Tae flatters Bun-Ok and tells her to give foods to the hostages as well. She agrees to it but she tells Seol-Hui not to give any food to Hye-Ryeong. Soo-Ho gives the gun to Gang-Mu.

Bun-Ok tries to give foods to Chung-Ya and Soo-Ho. But she sees Soo-Ho tying Chung-Ya. She reports it to Gyeok-Chan. Gyeok-Chan tries to catch Soo-Ho.

But Gang-Mu points his gun at Gyeok-Chan when he`s fighting with Soo-Ho. Soo-Ho catches the chance to take the gun away from Gyeok-Chan. Soo-Ho plays the recording for Chung-Ya and Gyeok-Chan. But Chung-Ya tells Soo-Ho to think about his sister.

Seung-Hee and Yeong-Ro find some oranges from the basement. She takes her away when Seung-Hee is packing the stuff. The follower reports to Ji-Rok that Chung-Ya wants to know if she should keep Soo-Ho`s life or not. Yeong-Ro hears Gyeok-Chan`s voice when she walks Bun-Ok.

She wants to return to the basement. But Bun-Ok points her gun at Yeong-Ro. Bun-Ok walks into the office when she points her gun at Yeong-Ro. She asks Soo-Ho and Gang-Mu to drop their guns.

But Chung-Ya provokes Bun-Ok and tells her to hand over Yeong-Ro to her after Soo-Ho and Gang-Mu dropped their guns. She lets Bun-Ok point the gun at her after she saved Yeong-Ro. Seung-Hee yells at Bun-Ok and tells her not to be like her sister. Bun-Ok is furious to shoot Seung-Hee.

But there`s no any bullet in the gun. Soo-Ho tells the hostages that the one who wants to kill them isn`t him but the ANSP. Soo-Ho tells the hostages that they will get killed even if they run away from the dormitory. He tells them to do anything they want in the dormitory.

Hye-Ryeong stands up and tells Soo-Ho to punish Bun-Ok. But he walks away and Yeong-Ro tells Hye-Ryeong that Seung-Hee has known it. She tries to report to Gyeong-Hui that Soo-Ho is working with Gang-Mu. Gang-Mu takes the intercom away from Bun-Ok and tells her that they forgave her because Seung-Hee begged them.

Gang-Mu wants to tell Han-Na that Chung-Ya is a spy. Han-Na smiles when she sees Gang-Mu. She feels happy after knowing he told Soo-Ho that they`re going to get married. Seung-Hee tells the girls that she will get killed if people know they don`t live well.

Han-Na thinks the only way to save the spy`s families is to give the footage to the media. Soo-Ho plays the recording and hears Yeong-Ro`s confessing. Eung-Cheol eats the fried chicken in front of Chung-Ya and Gyeok-Chan. Gang-Mu and Soo-Ho show up.

They take Chung-Ya and Gyeok-Chan to the basement. Gyeok-Chan gets angry after knowing Chung-Ya betrayed her faith. He tells Soo-Ho that he was asked to kill him.

Episode 12[]

Gang-Mu tells Soo-Ho that he doesn`t believe Chung-Ya even if she said that she wants to join them. Soo-Ho defeats Chung-Ya and takes off her knife. He tells the follower not to let Soo-Ryun know about it. Soo-Ho hands over the tea to Chung-Ya.

He tells her to live for herself, and promises to help her leave the dormitory. Ji-Rok calls Chang-Su and tells him that Gang-Mu works with Soo-Ho. Tae-Il wants to kill all of the hostages with the bomb. Seung-Hee opens the door with the key.

She breaks into the room and tells Bun-Ok that she will kill herself if he does any stupid thing. Bun-Ok talks back that Seung-Hee has used her. Seung-Hee points out that Chung-Ya used Bun-Ok as well. Yeong-Ro reveals Seung-Hee protected Bun-Ok when Bun-Ok pointed the gun at her.

Yeong-Ro wishes Soo-Ho to be alive as well. The evidence is in Chang-Su`s hands. Seung-Jun stops Han-Na`s car and tells her that Chang-Su wants to see her. Tae-Il calls Soo-Ho and lets Gang-Mu pick up the phone.

He tells Gang-Mu that he set the bombs around the dormitory. He takes over the phone and tells Gang-Mu to think about Han-Na before he makes decision. Gang-Mu finds the cash from Bun-Ok`s bed. He drags her to see Chung-Ya and thinks Chung-Ya got Bun-Ok to inform Tae-Il.

But Chung-Ya points out that she could do nothing because her hands were tied up. Soo-Ho thinks Bun-Ok used another radio to inform Tae-Il. Gang-Mu learns that Soo-Ho wanted to leave the dormitory in the day of the Open House. He tells him that the spy was there before he got into the dormitory.

He tells his follower to give an order to the spy in the dormitory to kill Soo-Ho if ANSP fails. He turns on the intercom and finds out that the one who talks with him is Chang-Su. Gang-Mu tells Chang-Su that he cannot run away this time because he wants to protect the students in the dormitory. Soo-Ho places the intercom on the table and tells Deok-Sim not to pretend to be insane because he has known she`s the mole.

But Man-Dong tells Soo-Ho that Deok-Sim lost her families in the war. Seung-Hee tells the students to leave since the mole has been caught. Chung-Ya treats Deok-Sim and tells Soo-Ho that the old woman actually has a mental illness. Yeong-Ro learns that Soo-Ho and Gang-Mu intend to has a battle with SWAT.

She asks them to let her persuade Chang-Su. Soo-Ho calls Chang-Su and tells him that Yeong-Ro wants to see him. The follower tells Chang-Su to wear the bulletproof vest. Yeong-Ro walks out of temple to see Chang-Su.

She cries to ask him for saving her friend`s lives because he has lost her brother. She takes off his hand to get back to Soo-Ho. Yeong-Ro cries to protect Soo-Ho with her body when the SWAT are close to him.

Episode 13[]

Soo-ho and Kang-moo, however, force them to retreat by leveraging Tae-il`s affection for Chung-ya. With their lives hanging by a thread, Soo-ho and Kang-moo need a new plan – which comes from Chung-ya. As Chung-ya “escapes” the dorm, a suspicious Kang-moo asks Han-na to also dig up proof of her affair with Tae-il to use as leverage over the ANSP. Tae-il might also find himself in hot water on other ends too, however – not only did he tell Chung-ya about the value of the deal between the North and the South, but he also believes that Chang-soo is in critical condition (a lie, since Chang-soo recovered successfully and is fully aware of Tae-il`s schemes).

When Han-na relays this information to Kang-moo, he instructs her to arrest Chung-ya at the airport and bring her and the money to the dorm, so he could use it to save the hostages and arrest Soo-ho.

Episode 14[]

Soo-Ho gets a message from the north that they will kill his sister if he doesn`t take his life. He beats Gang-Mu when he tells Han-Na to go to catch Chung-Ya over the phone. Soo-Ho is furious to point his gun at Gang-Mu. He blames him for betraying him and tells him that he won`t join the south because of his sister.

Tae-Il tells Gyeong-Hui not to give the money to the north. Gang-Mu thinks Soo-Ho shouldn`t send Chung-Ya to take the money because she`s not an angel. Soo-Ho agrees to what Gang-Mu said. He learns that Soo-Ho was asked to die with the hostages.

She sees the cleaner leaving her room. Soo-Ho joins Yeong-Ro in the Prayer Room. Hui-Jun walks into the ward and sees Ae-Ra crying in front of her husband when the reporter films Chang-Su. Hui-Jun calls Tae-Il and tells him to turn on the TV.

Chung-Ya tells Soo-Ho over the intercom that she got the money. She asks him to give the intercom to Gang-Mu. She tells Gang-Mu not to get Han-Na to bug her. He tells Soo-Ho that he won`t believe Chung-Ya until he sees her.

Bun-Ok runs into Gang-Mu and sees him giving the intercom to Seung-Hee. She tails them and hears Gang-Mu telling Seung-Hee that Chung-Ya is going to come back for love. She finds the intercom from the room after Seung-Hee left. She tells Gyeong-Hui that Chung-Ya is a spy with the intercom.

He takes a look at Tae-Il who`s calling Chung-Ya. But the woman doesn`t pick up his phone. Ae-Ra calls Gyeong-Hui and asks him for coming to the hospital. Han-Na sees Gyeong-Hui arriving with his followers after Chung-Ya walked into the hotel.

Gyeong-Hui gets into the room from the path Chung-Ya just left. Chung-Ya gets into Han-Na`s car before the police catch her. The follower hands over Tae-Il and Chung-Ya`s photos to Gyeong-Hui. Gyeong-Hui laughs after seeing those photos.

Bun-Ok thinks ANSP won`t kill Yeong-Ro. Sang-Beom hears it and asks her about it. He asks him why he didn`t use Yeong-Ro. Seung-Hee glares at Bun-Ok when she shows up.

Soo-Ryun is furious to throw the paper to Ji-Rok. She tells him that Chung-Ya took away their money. Han-Na goes to see Chang-Su. She finds out that he`s alive.

He asks her to help him save Yeong-Ro. Han-Na tells Chang-Su that Soo-Ho will kill the students if they don`t stop him. He tells Soo-Ho that he will help them flee if he releases the students. Soo-Ho tells Seung-Hee about Chang-Su`s plan.

Yeong-Ro tells Chang-Su that she wants to see Soo-Ho leaving. The president calls Chang-Su and tells him to give up his daughter. Yeong-Ro walks out of the room with Soo-Ho. She`s surprised that her father will save her friends for her.

Soo-Ho tells Yeong-Ro not to risk her life for protecting him. But Chang-Su tells his follower to explode the dormitory.

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