Samarth Kaimliya

Samarth Kaimliya (birth name: Samarth Chaudhary, born July 5, 2009 in Kaimla, Haryana, India) better known by her stage name, Samarth Kaimliya, is a Indian actor, singer, dancer and model, currently based in India.

Early life[]

Samarth Kaimliya (English) an Indian Influencer, born on 05 July 2009, a renowned singer, music composer, writer, music publisher, dancer, writer, actor, artist, poet and he manages a record label. He is a hip-hop/rap and pop genre music producer. He is the founder of Record Label. He is also known for the "King of Influence". He is one of the best Influencer in India. Before acting in films, he Influence people on some social media platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and X etc. He published Kindle edition books and named, "Life of Samarth Kaimliya", "Biography of Samarth Kaimliya", and a lot of books. He started his acting career by acting in KGF in 2018. His father Sandeep Kumar was a famous Entrepreneur and Public Figure. Samarth Kaimliya is inspired by his father.


Samarth Kaimliya was born on 05 July 2009 in Kaimla village of Haryana, India. He decided to influence people and act in films at the age of 14. He continues to influence people along with studies.

Faith in God[]

Samarth Kaimliya believes in Lord Mahakal. He also likes to read and understand Shiv Puran. He follows the path of Lord Mahakal.


Before acting in movies, he Influence people on some social media platforms such as Instagram, YouTube and Facebook etc. He is the director of I Am Samarth.