Lyric Quotes (sang by Rosé)

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    "In the end, whose fault was it? There is no such thing as love. In the end, is breaking up, losing?”
  • “You're so beautiful, I can't forget you. Your eyes still make my heart flutter, boom boom.”
  • “I like this atmosphere, I'm falling for you tonight.”
  • "Don’t stop me, So this love can burn up this night”
  • “You put scars in my heart without saying sorry.”
  • "I don’t expect a lot right now. Just stay with me.”
  • ”Kiss me like it's a lie, as if I'm your last love.”
  • "Even when I’m looking at you, I’m missing you”
  • "What you gonna do When I come come through with that that uh uh huh”
  • "Don’t misunderstand. My easy smiles are for myself.”
  • "Under the moonlight, my heart is fluttering. Let’s go dance under the milky way let’s go.”
  • "If you kiss me once, I’ll kiss you twice.”
  • Rosè Elle Korea June 2023 3
    "Because of you, my lonely yesterdays are no more”
  • "I’ll throw you away recycle. The girl next to you is an idiot.”
  • "See you later, maybe never...”
  • "Look at me I'm never coming down..."

Things Rosé said

  • "I love mangoes.”
  • "I always cry on tv. It's embarrassing.”
  • "I am doing well in Korea. I will practice harder and become a great singer. I will make you proud. I love you." (message to her Mom on King of Masked Singer)
  • Rosè IG Update 23.04
    "I'm in the mood to cry. So beautiful." (BLACKPINK House)
  • "Best when it's the four of us"
  • "Dream big when you can and enjoy it" (IG live- 13/11/18)
  • "Vegetables should be crunchy and fresh. I don't like avocado because it's creamy and oily."
  • "Jisoo, I'm BORED".
  • ”I think that being able to be vulnerable is the most independent thing someone can be at times”.
  • "Each one of them really cheered me on so much. It just made me realize how important encouragement was.” (Rosé speaking about her band mates support on her solo debut)
  • “Thanks to BLINKs who waited a long time, I was able to come as a solo. For as long as I prepared, I hope that BLINKs would like it. I want to see each one of you a lot and wish we could see each other quickly. Please look forward to the upcoming -R- activites.” (Rosé to Blinks)
  • "When you just feel the most hollow, life gives you sweets.”
  • Rosè Elle Korea June 2023
    “When listening to an LP, you can’t pick what to play. You have to listen to all the songs from beginning to end. It flows smoothly according to what the artist intended. One day, I hope I’ll be able to do something like that.”
  • “I just wanted my fans to kind of learn that I’m just as human as everybody else, and I can relate to a lot of things that everybody may be going through at this time.”
  • “Yesterday’s events have happened, and the things of tomorrow will come anyways, and I will do my best the next day again, too. So there is no need to worry.”