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Lisoo (Li/sa and Ji/soo) is the friendship pairing between Lisa and Jisoo.

Other Names[]

  • Jisa (Ji/soo and Li/sa)
  • Lalisoo (Lali/sa and Ji/soo)
  • Jilisa (Ji/soo and Lisa)
  • Jlisa (J/isoo and Lisa)



  • They both speak fluent Korean.
  • Both can sing.
  • Both have a pet.
  • Both trained at YG for 5 years.
  • Both grew up born in the capital of their respective countries
  • Both had pink hair but it's fake


  • Lisa is Thai, while Jisoo is Korean.
  • Lisa is 24, but Jisoo is 27.
  • Lisa speak fluent Thai, English, Korean and Japanese with a bit of Chinese, while Jisoo speaks Korean, Japanese and Chinese and she doesn’t speak English well because of her shyness.
  • Jisoo has a pet dog: Dalgom, while Lisa has 6 cats.
  • Jisoo is from Seoul, South Korea, whereas Lisa is from Bangkok, Thailand.
  • Lisa was born in 1997, but Jisoo was born in 1995.
  • Jisoo does not like dying her hair, but Lisa doesn't mind.
  • Lisa is a Buddhist, whereas Jisoo is an Atheist.
  • Jisoo is a keen PC and mobile gamer, Lisa isn't.
  • Lisa was actually born in Buriram Province, some 410km southeast of Bangkok, so she wasn't born in the capital city.
  • Jisoo is a Capricorn while Lisa is an Aries.
  • Jisoo is a vocalist while Lisa is the main rapper in the group.
  • Jisoo has written songs for Blackpink, while Lisa has no official credits
  • Both can balance dolls on their heads, but Jisoo can balance things on her shoulders as well. Lisa is unknown.


  • They are in the band BLACK PINK .
  • Jisoo has claimed that Lisa enjoys lifting her up and throwing her around.
  • They were both on the black team when BLACK PINK was on Running Man.
  • Lisa sent Jisoo a food truck while she was on the set for filming Snowdrop.

• Jisoo sent a letter to Lisa when Lisa was doing military service, said “Lisa, it must be hard and exhausting in the heat, but I think it would be great if — just like you are to us — you're a vitamin there, being loved and giving strength to others. My little one, always bright and energetic. Come back soon so we can go get something good to eat(I'm buying!)”.