• You cannot disobey the truth of life.”
  • Life is not easy, there are so many crossroads... that’s our life.”
  • Don’t rely on what others tell you to do, have a firm grasp and do something you like according to your own initiative.”
  • Life is all about timing.”
  • I never dream to be anything not possible.”
  • Life is what we can’t expect, we can’t just live with probability.”
  • In fact, skin colour doesn’t really matter.”
  • We live in a world where we have to work hard to get what we want.”
  • "I only say my opinion once and I stop talking about that issue. Because people learn by making their own mistakes..."
  • "I'm Jisoo, I'm okay."
  • "I don't like mango."
  • "scary, scary, slowly...."
  • "The four of us."
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