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    You cannot disobey the truth of life.”
  • Life is not easy, there are so many crossroads... that’s our life.”
  • ”Life is all about timing.”
  • "Shouldn't all computers run 24/7?"
  • "I'd ask myself, do you want to give up because it's not easy?" (Nick Vujicic)
  • I never dream to be anything not possible.”
  • Don’t rely on what others tell you to do, have a firm grasp and do something you like according to your own initiative.”
  • Life is what we can’t expect, we can’t just live with probability.”
  • In fact, skin colour doesn’t really matter.”
  • "If you want to love yourself, what should come first? Yourself. However, if you do something for others, it can turn out that it is also for you. If you make concessions to others, don't ask why you bother to do so. Just think it is also for you and you won't find it unfair."
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    "Believe good things only and let the bad things just pass away."
  • "Joy is not in things, it is in us."
  • "The people who dislike me will dislike me. The people who like me will like me. And people who support me will support me. Regardless of the amount and depth, there are people who support me, which makes it fine. If I'm supported by one person, it's good."
  • "Those who love me will love me. For as long as somebody loves me, even if only a few, I will be happy with that."
  • We live in a world where we have to work hard to get what we want.”
  • "I only say my opinion once and I stop talking about that issue. Because people learn by making their own mistakes..."
  • "I'm Jisoo, I'm okay."
  • "NO HE'S MY SON, NO NEVER, Dalgom is MINE!"
  • "Jisoo Turtle Rabbit Kim"
  • "I don't like mango."
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    "Scary, scary, slowly...."
  • "My heart so bounceu."
  • "The four of us."
  • "I'm not scary."
  • "Look at me, look at me now..."
  • "Who needs it anyways?" (Male_07)
  • "Why are you (Lisa) stopping me? Playing games is my right. I'm warning you. Don't you EVER say this is silly, Got it?"
  • "I hope you do everything that your heart wishes this time. Just try to do everything you want" (Jisoo supporting Rosé’s solo debut)
  • "I'm more of the quiet type, but I wanted to show the fans a brighter side of me."
  • "I believe that the value of beauty is really knowing how to love and care. In addition, true beauty is not just accepting yourself, but also accepting and respecting the differences between you and others."
  • "Pink is the prettiest color in the world. Black on top of pink? That's just black. That means being pretty isn't everything."
    "I have a confession ... I want to eat chicken skewers."
  • "Your English is a pity."
  • "What is moisty?"
  • "You smart?”
  • "Dinosaurs are my role models now."
  • "I like the flu."
  • "My favorite English sentence is: That's a pity."