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  • She is a de facto leader in the group, as the group decided to not have an official one.
  • She is the only Korean member to be born-and-raised in South Korea.
  • She joined YG Entertainment as a trainee in July 2011.
  • She is was an MC for Inkigayo from February 5, 2017 till February 4, 2018, along with Got7's Jinyoung and NCT's Doyoung.
  • She once guest starred on the K-drama "The Producers". She is the only actress in the group.
  • She was an MC for "SBS Inkigayo's Super Concert" along with Got7's Jinyoung and BTS's V.
  • Jisoo does most of the background vocals in BLACKPINK.
  • She was supposed to debut as an actress but then got changed to an idol singer.
  • Jisoo sang "I Have A Lover" for her YG audition, being the only one who sang a ballad and YG told her "You're singing on key at least".
  • Jisoo was named as the new muse for itMICHAA’s Spring collection in 2021.
  • Jisoo was chosen to collaborate with Line Friends and Kart Rider Rush Plus in 2021.
  • Jisoo was named as the Global ambassador for Dior Fashion and Beauty in 2021. [1]
  • Jisoo inspired the Dior Fall-Winter 2021-2022 Ready To Wear Collection.


  • Jisoo is the fourth most followed K-pop idol on Instagram with over 61 million followers. She is also the most followed Korean actress on the platform.
    • She is the 22nd most followed female artist on the platform.
  • Jisoo has surpassed 400,000 followers on QQ Music.
  • Jisoo is the first K-Pop idol to be featured on the cover of ELLE India.
  • Jisoo has 35,133 followers on CELEBe.


  • She once wrote her name in Arabic.
  • Her representative doll, Sooyaa, is a purple rabbit.
  • She has a very poor sense of direction, even getting lost in Myeongdong near the dorm.
  • Nicknames: Chi Choo, Jichu.
  • She also made up many nicknames for other members, especially Lisa.
  • She has 20/10 vision, in other words, she has 2.0, or 200 degrees long sightedness. However, most other Koreans have a 20/70 vision, or a 350 degrees short sightedness.
  • She has great lung capacity despite not being keen on exercising. She once had a long time breathing out in one breath in winter, so it looks as if she was smoking for a long time.
  • She is the only member that don't have a bloated face in the morning, to the point that she had to be asked to try and do so my MV directors.
  • She has a white Maltese dog named Dalgom.
  • She doesn't cry in public as she wants to be strong for her members and fans, instead she cries in private.
  • She doesn't know how to ride a bike.
  • She still remembered how to rollerskate after filming Boombayah.
  • She said that she can't use scissors properly.
  • She can play the traditional drums and the guitar.
  • She has a 4D personality.
  • Her Chinese zodiac sign is a dog.
  • Her Western zodiac sign is Capricorn.
  • Jennie said that she doesn't speak English because she is embarrassed to speak it, but she can understand it very well.
  • When she does speak English, her most common mix-up is not using "-ed" form of adjectives (eg. Excited vs. Exciting, Scared vs. Scary)
  • She said that she can balance anything on her head except for her dog Dalgom.
  • She sleeps with her dog Dalgom, so that she doesn't get nightmares.
  • In an interview, she said she prefers cute guys rather than sexy guys.
  • She said that Jennie is her wife, Lisa is her right hand person and Rosé is her left hand person (also because Rosé is left-handed).
  • She has a total of 9 piercings, 4 on her left ear and 5 on her right ear.
  • She had a different signature during training days.
  • She can read Simplified Chinese, but cannot reply in Chinese, so she uses Pinyin to reply.
  • She can read Chinese better than she can speak.
  • As of 2022: She is the only member who has parted her hair left and right.
  • She is good at parking as a driver.
  • She makes up random songs in the style of nursery rhymes. One of her most iconic was the helium song that she made up during BlackPink House after inhaling helium gas.

Family & Childhood[]

  • She is the maknae in her family. Her older sister is a flight attendant for Korean Airlines.
  • She has an older sister and an older brother.
  • Her older brother works in heath foods for babies and toddlers. When Jisoo started her own agency in 2023, Her older brother's company's HR team would also help her agency in hiring staff.
  • She was popular in school because of her beauty and kindness.
  • She said that her father often buys her weird things.
  • Jisoo and her dad would watch "The Classic" often when she was younger.
  • Her mom found the Trevi bottle pretty, so she took it away from Jisoo and used it as a home decoration.

Likes and Dislikes[]

  • Her favorite mobile games as Cookie Run, Brawl Stars and Clash Royale.
  • She once scored 2600 points in a single game of Overwatch.
  • She like detective dramas and anime.
  • She dislikes dying her hair into lighter colors.
  • She is slightly allergic to Lisa's cats.
  • She is scared of hamsters as she had been bitten by one when she was young.
  • She will only eat seaweed soup with rice in it.
  • She prefers using perilla leaves to wrap the meat.
  • She only likes spicy cold noodles.
  • She dislikes green vegetables, green peppers, onion, carrots, shrimp, mango, cold water, pork cutlet, udon and kimchi stew, bean sprouts soup, Army Stew, Korean meatballs, sushis except white fish sushi.
  • She dips sauces in everything she eats.
  • She only likes triangular coffee milk, but not the ones in cartons and cans.
  • She likes spicy foods.
  • She likes iced Amerciano even in winter, but she prefers ice chocolate when ordering from Starbucks.
  • Her favorite group is TVXQ. Her bias is Changmin.
  • She becomes happy when she dances.
  • She often covers Lisa and Jennie's rap parts during encore stages.
  • Jisoo's favourite song from Square Up is "Really"
  • Her favourite color is purple.
  • She is good at inline skating, basketball and snowboarding.
  • Jisoo InStyle Korea December 2017 6
    Jisoo is the only member who doesn't like shopping for a long time, and it's because she is very indecisive, much unlike Lisa and Jennie. (BlackPink House)
  • She doesn't know whether her favorite food is chicken or chocolate as they are both very different.
  • She does like ramen more than chicken.
  • She likes strawberries.
  • She becomes sad when she is not with her loved ones.
  • She likes wearing sweatshirts and sweatpants, despite not liking to exercise.
  • She is the best at watching scary movies (V-live ft. Chaeyoung).
  • She was selected Belle as the Disney Princess she is most similar to.
  • She loves reading books about investigations and crimes.
  • She becomes sleepy when she doesn’t do anything.
  • She becomes relaxed when she does her hobbies.
  • She fears heights (check Blackpink House episode 4).
  • Jisoo Nikon 5
    She enjoys creating nicknames. Most of the members' nicknames have been said to be from her.
  • Despite being a dog owner, she is scared of larger-sized dogs.
  • She dislikes birds.
  • She disliked art classes as she couldn't pay attention in class.
  • She likes to read and draw.
  • If Jisoo could change the fandom name, she would want to change it to sparkles in Korean, which is "banjjag"
  • She really liked having red hair.
  • Her favourite Blackpink song is Love to hate me.
  • She prefers cleaning over cooking.
  • Jisoo Dazed Korea September 2020 1
    She prefers making food that doesn't involve using knives.

Friends & Role Models[]

  • IKON members said she has the brightest smile.
  • She is close friends with Twice's Nayeon, Red Velvet's Seulgi, Gfriend's Sowon and Wjsn's Bona.
  • According to Jennie, Jisoo is the mood maker of the group
  • She said if she could date one of the BLACKPINK members, it would be Rosé because she could write songs about Jisoo and she can sing and play the guitar for her.
  • SNSD'S Taeyeon once sent her a signed album.
  • Former 2NE1 member Dara once bought her fried chicken during Christmas, she left it on the desk in the practice room with a note saying "Do your best".
  • She once left an autograph in a Hongdae restaurant and wrote her name as "Jjisyu".
  • Tove Lo acknowledged Jisoo's cover of "Habits" during her solo stage at BLACKPINK: The Show on Instagram. She then followed her shortly after.
  • She’s the current ambassador for the game MapleStory.