Watch your mouth when you speak my name: Jennie!
— Jennie in Boombayah

Jennie Kim (born January 16, 1996, in Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam District, Seoul, South Korea), better known as Jennie, is a South Korean singer, rapper and dancer. Jennie is a member of BLACKPINK, as well as a soloist.

Life and Career

1996–2015: Early life and career

Jennie Kim was born as the only child of her parents. Her mother is a CJ & M Director and Shareholder, whilst her father owns a hospital. During her childhood, Jennie moved from her home to live in Auckland, New Zealand, where she spent five years and was a student at ACG Parnell College. During her time abroad, she learned to speak fluent English on top of basic Japanese and fluent Korean.

In 2010, Jennie moved to live in Seoul, South Korea and made a successful audition to YG Entertainment in the same year, becoming a YG trainee for six years.

During the six years Jennie spent training under the company, in 2012 she featured on labelmate Lee Hi's song Special, as well as made an appearance on Big Bang's G-Dragon's music video That XX. In 2013, she featured on G-Dragon's song Black and GG BE by Big Bang's Seungri.

2016–2022: BLACKPINK and solo debut

In 2016, she became the main rapper and lead vocalist of the girl group, Blackpink, which debuted on August 8, 2016.

In October 2018, an announcement of Jennie's official solo debut was made. In midst of preparation for her debut, it was decided that the track "Solo" would be first revealed at Blackpink's "In Your Area" tour in Seoul ahead of release on November 12th. "Solo" became the most viewed music video by a female K-pop solo artist of all time and within the first 24 hours of release. Kim then became the first and only female South Korean solo artist to surpass 300 million YouTube views within six months. In South Korea, "Solo" claimed the number one spot on the Digital and Streaming charts on Gaon Chart for two consecutive weeks. Kim later received her first-ever music show win as a solo artist on SBS' Inkigayo on November 25.

In 2022, it was announced Jennie will be making her Hollywood debut in the television series The Idol created by Abel "The Weeknd" Tesfaye, Reza Fahim, and Sam Levinson for HBO, making her the first Korean idol to feature in an American drama series.

2023: ODD ATELIER & Departure from YG Ent

On December 24th, Jennie announced she established her own agency ODD ATELIER through Instagram Stories. She also posted a black-and-white photo of herself, tagging ODD ATELIER’s Instagram account.

On December 29th, YG announced BLACKPINK did not renew individual contracts for solo activities in the company. Although the group will still promote under YG, Jennie solo activities will be managed by ODD ATELIER.



Jennie was chosen as the new model for Chanel Beauty and shot her first pictorial for the brand with Harper's Bazaar Korea as their new muse in January 2018. Jennie became the ambassador of Chanel Korea in June and attended the launch of Chanel's new fragrance "Les Eaux De Chanel" in Deauville, France. She met and interviewed Chanel's House perfumer, Olivier Polge, and shot a pictorial for his new collection of fragrances with Cosmopolitan Korea. She became a Chanel Global Ambassador in October after establishing a relationship with Chanel Beauty and attended her first Chanel fashion show as a Korean representative during Paris Fashion Week, sitting in the front row next to Pharrell Williams and Pamela Anderson. In March 2019, the French fashion house official announced Jennie as the Global/House Ambassador of Chanel.

Hera, a South Korean luxury beauty brand owned by Amore Pacific, announced in January 2019 that they had chosen Jennie as their new model due to her "elegant and luxurious image", and confidence. She will represent the brand alongside actress Jun Ji-hyun, as the company aims to expand its target audience through both models. Kim's first advertisement for the brand was in February for the Red Vibe lip series, the sales were five times higher than Hera's previous lip product and due to the growing popularity of the products they are referred to as "Jennie's lipsticks".


  • CHANEL (2018)
  • HERA Beauty (2019)
  • Gentle Monster (2019)
  • Amore Pacific (2019)
  • LOTTE 'Air Baked' (2020)
  • SK Korea Telecom (2020)
  • Chum Churum Soju (2021)
  • Kwangdong Vita500 (2021)
  • Dashing Diva (2021)
  • ACE BED (2021)
  • Calvin Klein (2021)


  • She prefers attractive men to cute guys. [1]
  • Jennie Chinese Zodiac Sign is Pig.
  • Her MBTI type is INFP.

Jentle Home

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When Jennie first began to rap, she studied raps by artists like Lauryn Hill and TLC as inspiration. Kim cited Rihanna as her main influence and role model.

Music videos, stage, and voice

For her solo debut, she was very involved in the production of the outfits, concept, and choreography. Kim put together more than 20 outfits, for her music video. She recalled in an interview with Billboard that during the process she had thought about the way each outfit would accompany the song and what she could do differently, helping her to learn many different ways of approaching fashion. Vocal coach Shin Yoo-Mi, who's worked with Blackpink for six years until they debuted, had trained Kim during preparations for her solo debut. In an interview, she described Kim as a multi-player who is good at singing, rapping, and writing lyrics.

In April 2019, she became the first Korean solo artist to perform at Coachella. Her performance was listed under "The 10 Best Things We Saw at Coachella 2019", with Billboard describing it as "mind-blowing" and "stunning" for fans and casual passersby.

Impact and influence

She is known for her brand recognition and marketing power, having topped "Individual Girl Group Members Brand Power Ranking" consecutively for months, the data is collected and published by the Korean Business Research Institute. In 2018, she ranked second in Most Favourite Idols survey conducted annually by Gallup Korea which involves 1,500 Korean men and women aged 13 to 29 as respondents.

Kim was awarded by Instagram as the "Most Loved Account of 2018" in South Korea, based on the number of views and likes received by Instagram stories and posts shared that year.

Forbes acknowledged Jennie's contribution of "gaining a new foothold in Korea's beauty trends", as one of the reasons why Blackpink ranked topped Forbes Korea Power Celebrity in 2019.


Kim has been part of Cheongdam Woori Animal Hospital's "Protect Our Family" campaign since 2017, which helps to rescue and re-home abandoned pets.

On April 8, 2019, the Hope Bridge Association of the National Disaster Relief reported that Kim and her group members from Blackpink donated ₩10 million each to help the victims of the Gangwon Province, South Korea wildfire.





Music Video Appearances


  • English, Must Change to Survive

Writing credits

  • Lovesick girls - written by Jennie
  • Solo (remix) The Show - rap written by Jennie

Television Shows

Variety Shows

Year Title Network Role Notes
2018 Running Man SBS Guest Episode 409, with Jisoo
Episode 413
Village Survival, the Eight Cast member November 2018
BLACKPINK HOUSE JTBC Cast member January 6, 2018 - August 18, 2018

Web Shows

Year Title Network Role Notes
2018 YG Future Strategy Office Netflix Special appearance Episode 01, with members.

Music Shows

Year Title Network Role Notes
2016 M Countdown Mnet Guest MC Episode 500, with Jisoo

Awards and nominations


Year Award Category Works Result
2018 12th SBS Entertainment Awards Rookie Award (Female) Running Man, Village Survival, the Eight Nominated
Scene Stealer Award Nominated
2019 8th Gaon Chart Music Awards Song of the Year – November "Solo" Won
2nd M2 X Genie Music Awards The Female Solo N/A Nominated
21st Mnet Asian Music Awards Best Female Artist Nominated
Artist of the Year Nominated
Best Dance Performance "Solo" Nominated
2020 Golden Disc Awards Digital Bonsang Won

List of V Lives

Image Title Date Link Notes
BLACKPINK V Live 161110 BLACKPINK 첫 V앱!!! November 11, 2016 Replay First OT4 V Live.
BLACKPINK V Live 161112 BLACKPINK at 숙소 November 12, 2016 Replay OT4 V Live.
BLACKPINK V Live 161113 BLACKPINK 왔지롱! November 13, 2016 Replay OT4 V Live.
BLACKPINK V Live 161120 블핑의대기실 November 20, 2016 Replay OT4 V Live.

Image Title Date Link Notes
BLACKPINK V Live 170222 블링크 뇽안 February 22, 2017 Replay, V Pick OT4 V Live.
Jennie V Live 2017-03-23 니니와떠, 젠득이가 소개해주는 연습place✌️ (Jennie's 1st V live in practicing place) March 23, 2017 Replay, V Pick First solo V Live.
BLACKPINK V Live 170331 블링크 뇽안 March 31, 2017 Replay Part.1, Part.2, Part. 3, Part.4, Part.5, Part.6, Part.7, V Pick, CH+ mini replay OT4 V Live.
Jensoo VLive 11 설명할꼬야 (We will explain) April 21, 2017 Replay, CH+ mini replay With Jisoo
JenLiChaeng VLive 170427 멍멍과블핑, 강사블 BLACKPINK Loves Dogs April 27, 2017 Replay, CH+ mini replay With Jennie & Lisa.
BLACKPINK V Live 170701 BLINKSS 뇽안 💖 July 1, 2017 Replay, V Pick OT4 Live
BLACKPINK V Live 170702 블랙핑크가 어딜간다규??🙊🙈 July 2, 2017 Replay, CH+ mini replay OT4 Live
Jennie V Live 2017-07-16 젠득이는 네일중🎀, 젠득이는 네일중🦄, 젠득이 네일받는 것도 다 보고,, 세상 참 좋다‧⁺◟( ᵒ̴̶̷̥ ·̫ ᵒ̴̶̷̣ ) (Jennie in the nail shop) July 16, 2017 Replay #1, Replay #2, V Pick Getting her nails done.
Jisoo and Jennie V Live 170803
머리띠잇슈😎 August 3, 2017 Replay Featuring Jisoo
BLACKPINK V Live 170806 BP at White Night 🌙🖤💖 August 6, 2017 Replay OT4 Live
BLACKPINK V Live 170808 8월8일8시 블핑 탄생일 ♥️🙏 August 8, 2017 Replay, V Pick OT4 Live
Jisoo and Jennie V Live 170901 젠득이랑슈는지금일본입니다:), We saw... 젠츄! They so... 귀여워! (Jennie & Jisoo speaking English) September 1, 2017 Replay, V Pick With Jisoo
Jennie V Live 2017-09-27 젠득타임🖤, 열쨜 제니가 응 두번 했다가 유학간 썰✈️ (Jennie talking about her studying abroad) September 27, 2017 Replay, V Pick Answering questions and talking about life abroad.
Jisoo and Jennie V Live 171020 키크쟈^^, 슬슨ㄴ슬라임이란...? October 20, 2017 Part 1, Part 2 With Jisoo, featuring Kuma & Kai
Jennie V Live 2017-10-20 젠드기지쳤어요..🙃 October 20, 2017 Replay Featuring Kuma
Jennie V Live 2017-11-13 잠깐 젠득🖤, 젠득이의 🐶개판 방송🐶(JENNIE’s V with her dogs) November 13, 2017 Replay #1, V Pick Featuring Kuma & Kai
BLACKPINK V Live 171206
웰컴 투 블핑하우스♡ December 6, 2017 Replay, V Pick OT4 Live

Image Title Date Link Notes
Jennie V Live 2018-03-27 goodnight 🌸, 김제니가 저의 고든램지고 미슐랭입니다...🥑 (Jennie talking about food) March 27, 2018 Replay, V Pick Talking about food.
Jisoo and Jennie V Live 180606
컴백을 앞둔 젠득이와 치츄 June 6, 2018 CH+ Replay With Jisoo
BLACKPINK V Live 180620
핑의 오후의 데이트🖤💕 June 20, 2018 Replay, V Pick OT4 Live
BLACKPINK V Live 180630
5관왕이라니..!!😭🙏🏻🖤💕 June 30, 2018 Replay, V Pick OT4 Live
BLACKPINK V Live 180807 2018.08.08 BLACKPINK 2주년 EVE♡ August 7, 2018 Replay, V Pick OT4 Live
SOLO Countdown Live
All About Jennie November 12, 2018 Replay Solo countdown live
BLACKPINK V Live 181116 돌아와쏘오 November 16, 2018 Replay, V Pick OT4 Live

Image Title Date Link Notes
Jensoo VLive 190201
츄의 심야방송💖, 굿나잇굿나잇 젠츄즈 굿나잇굿나잇 잘자요🎶(Jisoo and Jennie hotel V) February 2, 2019 Replay, V Pick Jisoo live featuring Jennie.
BLACKPINK VLive 190711
비둘기 모여라🐰, 바나나..바나나나🎶 비둘기둘하다 블핑이들보는 삶 평생 마이미땅카여도 행복해🖤💖 (BLACKPINK in so high tension) July 11, 2019 Replay, V Pick OT4 Live.
Jennie VLive 190803
Calling for all dog experts, JENNIE's beauty is mind-blowing! August 3, 2019 Replay, V Pick With Kuma and Kai.
BLACKPINK VLive 190808
🖤3rd anniversary💖, 블핑과 함께 천국 문 앞까지만 딱 붙어있겠습니다 한 808만년쯤? (BLACKPINK talking about their 3rd anniversary) August 8, 2019 Replay, V Pick OT4 Live.

Image Title Date Link Notes
Jisoo, Jennie and Rosé VLive 200527
Let's Decorate It 🖤 May 27, 2020 Replay with Jisoo and Rosé
Jennie VLive 200713
Talking with BLINK July 13, 2020 Replay, V Pick Solo live


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