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Jenlisa (Jen/nie and Lisa) is the friendship pairing between Lisa and Jennie.

Other Names:[]

  • LiNi (Li/sa and Jen/ni/e)
  • LiJen (Li/sa and Jen/nie)
  • Linnie (Li/sa and Je/nnie)
  • Jenisa (Jen/nie and L/isa)
  • LisJen (Lis/a and Jen/nie)
  • Jensa (Jen/nie and Li/sa)
  • Jenna (Jenn/ie and Lis/a)
  • Rap Line



  • They both speak fluent Korean and Engish and a bit of Japanese.
  • Both have brown eyes.
  • Both can sing.
  • Both are the rappers within the group.
  • Both joined YG Entertainment when they were 14.
  • Both have brown hair.
  • Both are only children
  • Jennie's parents own a hospital and Lisa's step-dad is a chef so both of them came from rich families
  • Both are prone to seasickness, but Jennie is more serious.
  • Both had temporary tattoos on their left shoulders.
    • Jennie's was a dolphin, Lisa's was a turtle.
  • Both likes collecting film cameras.
  • Both have pets.
  • Both have split verses such as in Kill This Love, love sick girls and pink venom
  • Both have had their solos and both have a solo song nearing 1 billion (Jennie- solo and Lisa - Money)


  • Jennie is 27 years old, but Lisa is 26.
  • Jennie is from South Korea while Lisa is from Thailand.
  • Lisa is fluent in Thai, but Jennie is not.
  • Jennie joined YG Entertainment in 2010 while Lisa joined in 2011.
  • Jennie has two dogs (Kuma and Kai), but Lisa has five cats (Leo, Luca, Lily, Louis and Lego) and one dog (Love).
  • Jennie can play the guitar, but Lisa cannot.
  • Jennie is the main introvert of the group and Lisa the main extrovert.
  • Jennie can cook, but Lisa cannot, despite being the stepdaughter of a renowned chef.
  • Lisa has bangs while Jennie does not. But if Lisa doesn't have bangs, they both part to the left.
  • Jennie is a Capricorn while Lisa is an Aries.
  • Jennie is a part of the Unnie (older members) while Lisa is a part of the makenae (younger members) line.
  • Jennie is an actor while Lisa hadn't acted in anything
  • Jennie is the ambassador of Chanel and Clavin Klein meanwhile Lisa is ambassador of Celine and Bulgari.
  • Lisa dance since she has 4 years old and Jennie since she enters at YG's companie


  • They are in the band BLACK PINK.
  • If Lisa could date one of the members, it would be Jennie.
  • When they were trainees, they wrote a rap together for the song "Sure Thing" by Miguel and performed it on JYP Party People.
  • They attended Dua Lipa's concert together when she performed in Seoul.
  • During their training days, no one was allowed to speak English to Lisa so that her Korean would improve because she only knew how to say "Annyeonghaseyo" (hello) and Jennie was the only one who broke this rule and spoke English to Lisa.
  • Rumors of Jennie and Lisa dating started after Jennie posted a picture in instagram of them back hugging with description: "i never got to go to prom sadly but i would've had the hottest date if i had lisa. thank you for being my man for the day." (Jennie wore a black dress and Lisa wore a black suit)