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Chaesoo (Chae/young and Ji/soo) is the friendship pairing between Rosé and Jisoo.

Other Names[]

  • Jisé (Ji/soo and Ro/)
  • Rosoo (Ro/sé and Ji/soo)
  • Jiyoung (Ji/soo and Chae/young)
  • Chisoo (Ch/aeyoung and J/isoo)
  • Jichae [Ji/soo and Chae/young



  • They both speak fluent Korean.
  • Both are the main vocalists within the group.
  • Both can play the guitar. Despite Rosé being left-handed, she plays on a right-handed guitar like Jisoo.
  • Both have dogs.


  • Rosé is 26, but Jisoo is 28.
  • Rosé joined YG when she was 15, but Jisoo joined when she was 16.
  • Rosé is fluent in English, but Jisoo is not.
  • Jisoo was born in Gunpo, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea, but Rosé was born in Auckland, New Zealand.
  • Jisoo was born in 1995, but Rosé was born in 1997.
  • Jisoo trained at YG for about five years, but Rosé only trained for four years.
  • Rosé is a Christian, whereas Jisoo is an Atheist.
  • Rosé is left-handed, Jisoo is right-handed.
  • Rosé is comfortable with heights, Jisoo is petrified of heights.
  • Rosé loves mangoes, Jisoo dislikes it.
  • Rosé loves art lessons, Jisoo dislikes it.
  • Rosé likes wearing scent, but Jisoo cannot wear them due to her being sensitive to scent.
  • Rosé has dyed her hair into lighter colors, Jisoo doesn't want to.
  • Rosé has fish, while Jisoo doesn't.
  • Rosé is an Aquarius while Jisoo is a Capricorn.


  • They are in the band BLACK PINK.
  • Every 2nd day of the month known as ChaeSoo day because in February 2nd, 2019 they got married/engaged in the Philippines with a gummy ring
  • Jisoo enjoys teasing Rosé and calling her Pasta, which is a nickname the former created for her.
  • Rosé expressed her admiration for Jisoo's krumping skills, which she saw when they were still trainees.
  • Jisoo has cheekily called Rosé and Lisa her subordinates. She said that whenever Lisa bullies her, she would call Rosé for help.
  • They performed "Love Yourself" by Justin Bieber on "Radio Star " once.
  • Jisoo said that if she could date one of the members, it would be Rosé because she could sing for her, play the guitar for her, and write songs for her.
  • Rosé sent Jisoo a food truck while she was filming on the set of Snowdrop.
  • Jisoo visited Rosé on the set for her M/V "On The Ground".
  • Jisoo told Rosé, "I hope you do everything that your heart wishes this time. Just try to do everything you want" for her solo debut.
  • Rose thanked Jisoo for her gift of candies: "Our romanticist Jisoonie specially ordered and sent me -R- shaped candies for my solo debut and White Day TulipTulipTulipTulip I’m so thankful".