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Chaennie (Chae/young and Je/nnie) is the friendship pairing between Rosé and Jennie.

Other Names[]

  • José (J/ennie and R/osé)
  • Rojennie (Ro/sé and Jennie)
  • Jesé (Je/nnie and Ro/)
  • Ronnie (Ro/sé and Je/nnie)
  • Jense (Jen/nie and ro/)
  • Jenro (Jen/nie and Ro/sé)
  • Jenniese (Jennie and ro/)
  • Jenyoung (Jen/nie and Park Chae/young)
  • ChaeJen (Park Chae/young and Jen/nie)
  • JenPark (Jen/nie and Park Chaeyoung)
  • ParkNie (Park Chaeyoung and Jen/nie)
  • Rojen (Ro/se and Jen/nie)



  • They are both Korean.
  • They both speak fluent Korean and English.
  • Both can sing and rap.
  • Both can play the guitar, and despite being left-handed, Rosé also plays a right-handed guitar
  • Both have brown eyes.
  • Both have dogs.
  • Both featured in one of G-Dragon's songs before their debut, Rosé: Without You and Jennie: Black.
  • Both used to have black hair.
  • Both are scared of fireworks, and sudden loud noises and get jumpy when scared.


  • Rosé is 24, but Jennie is 25.
  • Jennie joined YG when she was 14, but Rosé joined when she was 15.
  • Jennie's last name is Kim, while Rosé's last name is Park.
  • Jennie is right-handed, and Rosé is left-handed.
  • Jennie has two dogs (Kuma and Kai), while Rosé has one (Hank).
  • Jennie is very decisive when shopping and choosing things, Rosé isn't.
  • Rosé dislikes avocado, Jennie loves it so much, that she converted Jisoo as well.
  • Jennie can play the piano and flute, Rosé cannot play the flute to play more chords on the piano than Jennie.
  • Jennie is a Capricorn while Rosé is an Aquarius.
  • Jennie is a rapper while Rosé is a vocalist.
  • While both have lived in Auckland, New Zealand, both hold South Korean citizenship. Rosé was born in Auckland and holds citizenship by birth. Jennie never held NZ citizenship.
  • Jennie was the first person to be revealed by YG's official Social Media pages. Rosé was the last one.


  • They are in the band BLACK PINK .
  • Jennie sometimes calls Rosé "Rosie".
  • They were both on the pink team when BLACK PINK appeared on Running Man.
  • They were both on the same team in the group's appearance on getting It Beauty.
  • Rosé said that her favorite part of the "As If It's Your Last" music video is the part where Jennie is with the care bear as she said that Jennie looks cute and pretty in that scene.
  • According to the members, they are the best at speaking Japanese.
  • Jennie calls Rosé her hubby and Rosé calls Jennie her wifey.
  • With Jennie's friend, they attended The Weekend's concert when he performed in Seoul.
  • Jennie wrote a card to Rosé that says “Hi Rosie Posie, finally today has come. Congratulations and I’m so so happy for you. I know how long you’ve been waiting to release your magical voice to the world and since I have the privilege to hear the songs first I know everybody is going to love it” in regards to her solo debut.
  • Jennie made Rosé some cute gifts and jewelry with her puppy's name on them in celebration of her solo debut.
  • Jennie made a conversation with Rosé during her fan sign. Breezing through fans, the 24-year-old main vocalist didn’t suspect anything unusual when a fan showed up on the screen with a cute plushie. But there was something familiar about her. After greeting Rosé, the fan asked, “Do you recognize my voice?” At that point, everything clicked. A shocked Rosé was left yelling, “Oh my god! What the heck, Annie?” when Jennie suddenly appeared on the screen. Jennie was only able to spend a few minutes talking to Rosé before the fan sign timer went off.
  • Rosé added Jennie's song SOLO to her playlist for International Women’s Day titled Rosé: Visionary Women in 2021.
  • Jennie congratulated Rosé on her solo debut: "congrats on your fabulous debut stage, you did well and I'm so proud of you!! take care of your health"