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Chaelisa (Chae/young and Lisa) is the friendship pairing between Rosé and Lisa.

Other Names[]

  • Rosa (Ro/sé and Li/sa)
  • Li-Chaeng (Li/sa and Chae/you/ng)
  • Rolisa (Ro/se and Lisa)
  • Lischae (Lis/a and Park Chae/young)
  • Chaeli (Park Chae/young and Li/sa)
  • Lisé (Li/sa and Ro/)
  • Liro (Li/sa and Ro/sé)
  • Maknae Line
  • Extrovert Line



  • They are the same age, 26, being born in the same year (1997).
  • They both are good at cartwheels and acrobats.
  • Both have pets.
  • Both are scared of needles.
  • They can both sing and dance.
  • Both are extroverts
  • They are both the tallest and strongest members of the group.
  • They both don't live in the same country as their parents, Lisa's parents live in Thailand and Rosé's parents live in Australia.
  • Both are fluent in English.
  • Both have natural dark hair.
  • Both aren't keen computer and mobile gamers
  • Both are good at archery.
  • Both can play the guitar.
  • Both cry easily.
  • Both of them had their solo debut.
  • Both are apart of Blackpink's International line.
    • Lisa was born in Thailand and Rosé was born in New Zealand.
  • They also form the maknae line.


  • Lisa is fluent in Thai, but Rosé isn't.
  • Rosé is the main vocalist, while Lisa is the main dancer and rapper of the group.
  • Rosé is left-handed, Lisa is right-handed.
  • Rosé has an older sister, but Lisa is an only child.
  • Lisa is a Buddhist, while Rosé is a Christian.
  • Rosé has a pet fish and dog whereas Lisa has 5 cats and 1 dog.
  • Lisa is an Aries, while Rosé is an Aquarius.
  • Rosé was born in February, while Lisa was born in March.
  • Lisa is Thai while Rosé is Korean.


  • They are in the band BLACK PINK.
  • They are part of the maknae line.
  • Lisa once said that they are like twins, as they used to share clothes when they were trainees.
  • Rosé said that Lisa practically lives in her room, as she is always in there.
  • They fight like siblings.
  • Lisa is teaching Rosé Thai.
  • Rosé is teaching Lisa the guitar.
  • They met in a YG elevator.
  • According to Lisa, she clearly remembers the day she first met Rosé, which was May 7.
  • If Rosé could date one of the members, it would be Lisa.
  • Rosé bought her and Lisa a bicycle each and they go cycling together in their free time.
  • They are the first K-Pop girl group members to have the achievement of 1 million likes for a post on Instagram.
  • Lisa referred to Rosé as her sister in supporting her solo, "please love and support my sister".
  • Lisa visited Rosé to support her solo debut stage on Inkigayo.
  • Rosé and Lisa ranked #1 on Mnet’s TMI news for idols with impressive family backgrounds.