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BLACKPINK: The Show is a live streamed concert that was originally supposed to held on December 27, 2020 until it was postponed due to COVID-19 restrictions.[1] It is now set to be held on January 31, 2021. The concert will be live streamed from their Youtube Channel at 2 PM KST. It is exclusive to members and sponsored by Tokopedia and Globe.[2] [3][4][5]


On January 25, 2021, it was reported that Rosé will be performing her new song from her solo album for the first time at the concert.[6] Before her performance, half of the music video for her solo debut was shown. She then went on to perform her b-side track, "Gone". The name was officially revealed after the performance. [7]

On January 26, behind the scenes content was posted on BLACKPINK's YouTube channel. Only members can gain access to these exclusive videos.

A sneak peak of the livestream concert was aired on The Late Late Show with James Corden on January 28.[8] The sneak peak was the first part of the concert stage where they performed Pretty Savage with a band. A YG official stated that the performance that was aired on The James Corden Show was pre-recorded and is not the same as concert stage.[9]

YG Entertainment announced that the concert will have three main sets that will be transformed into 10 different stages, also including a never before seen special stage.[10]

On January 30, the soundcheck rehearsal was aired live at 2pm KST on BLACKPINK's YouTube Channel. This was exclusive to plus members.

The concert was re-broadcasted on February 7 and February 14 at 3:00am, 11:00am, 4:00pm, and 7:00pm KST.

On June 1, it was announced that BLACKPINK: The Show DVD & Kit will be released on June 18th. Preorders started on June 1st and ended on June 17th.


Number Song
1. "Kill This Love"
2. "Crazy Over You"
3. "How You Like That"
4. "Don't Know What To Do"
5. "Playing With Fire"
6. "Lovesick Girls"
7. "Habits (So High)" (Tove Lo cover) (Jisoo's Solo)
8. "Say So" (Doja Cat cover) (Lisa's Solo)
9. "Sour Candy"


Number Song
10. "Love To Hate Me"
12. "You Never Know"
13. "Solo"
14. "Gone" (Rosé's Solo)
15. "Pretty Savage"
16. "Ddu-Du Ddu-Du"


Number Song
17. "Whistle"
18. "As If It's Your Last"
19. "Boombayah"


Number Song
20. "Forever Young"

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  • According to Youtube, the concert was viewed by over 280,000 fans worldwide (excluding China). The concert earned 11.7 billion won (10.5 million USD) in only 90 minutes.[11]
    • The concert had the most online ticket sales for a Korean girl group.
  • The concert had the largest audience for a livestreamed concert by a K-Pop girl group in history.[12]
  • The concert was mainly streamed in the U.S. accounting for 19.2% of sales and subscribers for the show, followed by those watching from Thailand, the Philippines, Japan, Mexico, South Korea etc. [13]