This Page contains all things in the wiki that need to be done. If you don't know where to help out, check here! If you finish a task, remove it from the list. (All items are sorted by priority, the ones the top should be completed first.)

All Users

  • Pages that need to be created
    • Youth With You Season 3
  • Pages that need to be expanded
  • Update Jennierubyjane/LiliFilm pages
  • Update Knowing Bros page/remove wikipedia content
  • Add to pet pages
  • Under Construction
  • add more detail to show pages/expand pages + descriptions of each episode
  • Mention music show promotions on album pages? (What songs were promoted on music shows from that album)
  • sort album galleries/song galleries (there's a lot of overlap between album galleries and song galleries)
  • Add navigation template to all pages (excluding subpages or fan pages)

Content Moderators & Admin

  • Make English sections of lyrics work??
  • Sort out member galleries (album + shows + press conference(?) are all under "promo pictures"
  • Upload higher-quality versions of older promo pics
  • Make tables in pages follow the wiki theme
  • Create templates for stubs/works in progress + categories for those articles (also post here)
  • Upload unedited versions of teaser posters?
  • Redo quote pages/solo stage pages?
  • Add list Instagram Lives to member pages?
  • Remove unofficial images from "other" section of member pages, delete or add somewhere else. Try to have member galleries only contain official content
  • Fix spacing on main page
  • Update userboxes
  • Figure out infoboxes + AlbumSingle/SongInfobox for title tracks
  • Make signatures switch color based on light/dark theme (textchange in css)